Our Work Fields

What We offer?

We Are In A Mission To Help The Helpless

We offer development opportunities for youth sectors in unstable environments, which prevent their energies from being discovered and invested in sustainable community development, and empower youth in all fields to play a pioneering role through effective community participation.


Our vision & mission

To be the pioneers in the development of the youth sector by promoting positive values and morals and owning an effective and distinctive network of partnerships that transcend geographical, religious and ethnic boundaries and are united by the noble values of humanity


Our goals

Give youth tools and leadership skills. Provide opportunities for them to build a foundation for their expertis .Instilling qualities of community service Inspire and empower young people.


Our message

We carry goodness to all and we believe that serving humanity is the eternal message and honesty transmitted by generations, and we believe that young people are the most capable of influencing and that geographical boundaries and determinants of race and religious differences do not conflict with constructive human values, and that building a conscious human being who carries constructive values and toxic morals is the first step to change And to influence and create a better tomorrow, and we believe that betting on young people in positive change to start is the winning bet without a doubt. That is why we raise the slogan: Youth first


Target group

The foundation works in places where the youth sector suffers from the unstable economic, social and political conditions and raise the slogan "youth first" motto, without geographical, ethnic or religious restrictions.