Summer camps


We organize a series of summer camps annually in different regions. Our main objective is promoting national and religious culture and to boosting positive values in the hearts of young people and develop different skills.


The foundation has organized 6 camps in 2018 with participation of 340 young people in several areas: the Balata refugee camp, Shaqba, Hebron, Jerusalem, Naalin, Nablus, and planing to organize 15 summer camps in 2019.

Future Makers Camp: The camp aims to develop communication skills and looks at important stations in the Palestinian history and encourage young people to participate in voluntary works and entrepreneurship.

Toward highness camp: The camp aims to develop the cultural aspect of participants in the arts and theater as well as develop creative writing skills.

Naalin Camp: The camp aims to give national educational lectures about Palestine, the land, occupation, martyrs and prisoners.

Riyada Camp: the camp aims to improve the leading and entrepreneurship abilities of participants by developing their logical thinking as individuals and groups.

30 hope and smile camp: The camp aims to identify cultural models and scientific talents and acquire new skills in science and mathematics.

Hope Makers Camp: A camp for children of both genders. The camp aims to instill values, promote national and religious culture and promote positive values in children.